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Collagen C

The essential drink for skin - health - beauty


Collagen is a protein that makes up about 25-35% of body protein. In Greek, kolla means glue, gene is the ingredient. Therefore, it is understandable that collagen plays an important role in the attachment of cells.

Collagen exists everywhere in our body with 70% of the dermis of the skin, 20% of the bones, 50% of the joints, approximately 100% of the corneas, ... According to the aging process, there are 1-1.5% of collagen is lost. At the age of 25, skin will lose 1.5% of its collagen / year. By the time you reach 30 you have lost 15%, by 40 you have lost 30%. Therefore, collagen supplementation is essential to compensate for the loss of collagen for the whole body.
In particular, collagen is the main ingredient (accounting for 70% of the skin structure), creating firmness and elasticity of the skin. Women using collagen-supplemented foods and cosmetics are considered to be safe and sustainable endogenous skin beauty treatments. Hope the above content helps you understand what collagen is and the importance of collagen to beauty and body.

Collagen C

Collagen C

Where did the COLLAGEN come from?

Raw materials for the production of collagen supplements are extremely diverse from plants to animals such as nuts, fruits to skin, pork bones, cows and sea fish. However, scientific studies have shown that collagen extracted from fish skin has a collagen structure comparable to that of human skin. Along with that, the advanced deodorizing technology completely removes fishy and unpleasant odors from the input materials, making collagen a functional food that is easy to use or combine with everyday foods.


Collagen accounts for about 25% - 30% of the total protein in the body (the amount of collagen in the body of men and women varies) and is an important protein present in most parts of the body from skin, bones, joints, and senses. membranes, nails, hair, ... Collagen acts like a supporting frame and creating elastic bonds for parts of the body.
According to the aging process, each year 1-1.5% of collagen is lost. At the age of 25, skin will lose 1.5% of its collagen / year. By the age of 30 you have lost 15%, 40 years old 30%, and by the age of 50 the amount of collagen absorbed can be up to 45%. The depletion of collagen under the skin and in the body leads to loose skin, crow's feet, wrinkles; bone health; joint; impaired vision; brittle nails, hair loss, ...
Not only women, men also need collagen supplements with age to improve health and reverse aging caused by collagen loss.

Collagen C


Collagen D energy-boosting collagen peptide component in Collagen C promotes the production, binding and adhesion of collagen fiber bundles.

Collagen C


Doan flower extract, grapefruit extract contained in Collagen C helps to inhibit the enzyme that destroys collagen and the enzyme that destroys Hyaluronic Acid, thereby protecting collagen and Hyaluronic Acid in both skin and joints.
The new generation of Collagen C also adds active Glucosamine, an ingredient that boosts the production of Hyaluronic Acid, to maintain skin moisture and lubricate joints.

Collagen C

Size of birth

The composition of Bear Tre Grass extract effectively enhances collagen absorption of the body up to 150%.


  • With the skin: Collagen has the effect of supporting the production of new skin cells, helping the skin to revive quickly. Therefore, they have the ability to help wounds heal scars quickly, and also fade bruises.
  • With blood vessels: Collagen plays a very important role for people with hardening of the brain arteries as well as suffering from myocardial infarction and high blood pressure. Because they are blood-producing compounds, these diseases can be prevented.
  • To the eyes: Because collagen is also a crystalline form that exists in the cornea and lens. Increasing age, will make the amount of Collagen decrease, thereby making the cornea less functioning, affecting vision and making the lens dull due to aging Amino. Therefore it is also important to the eyes.
  • With bones: Besides calcium, Japanese collagen is also an important component in the structure of bones. It acts as the fibers that hold the skeleton together. Bones lose elasticity and flexibility when collagen is weakened. Therefore, collagen supplementation is considered as a solution to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.
  • With cartilage: Collagen accounts for 50% of the cartilage composition, the lack of collagen will cause greater friction between joints, causing bone deformity. Therefore, in addition to preventing and minimizing bone-related diseases, collagen also helps prevent diseases such as low back pain and disc herniation.
  • With hair, toenails - hands: Collagen's effect is to provide nutrients to support the activity of keratin. Therefore, the supplementation of collagen helps to keep hair and toenails and nails strong, as well as helping hair shine and reducing loss.
  • With the immune system and brain: Collagen has the ability to support the activity of beneficial bacteria in the immune system. In addition, Collagen also works to enhance brain activity.
  • For gynecologists: Reduce inflammation of the genital area, itchy odor will end after only 2-3 boxes, reduce cervical fibroids, reduce the development of cervical cancer spread for women

Collagen C

Collagen C

Instructions for use and storage

  • Drink 01 bottle per day (should be taken immediately when opening the lid. Refrigerate and shake well before drinking. Recommended time before bed.
  • Use after waking up or before going to bed 30 minutes or 3 hours after eating.
  • Maintain use, after 4-6 weeks to promote the comprehensive use of the product
  • Collagen C can be taken continuously without a break
  • Should drink more orange juice, lemons supplement vitamin C to increase the effectiveness of collagen absorption
  • Drink plenty of water about 2 liters per day during the use of Collagen C
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

Recommendation: Women who are pregnant, breast-feeding or taking medication should consult a doctor before use. The product is not intended for use by babies and children. This product is not a medicine and is ineffective as a substitute for medicine.

Collagen C

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